How Long Does It Take To Get A Dental Crown?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Dental Crown?

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Dental crowns are an excellent solution for both restorative dental care and cosmetic purposes. Crowns are used to fix cracked or worn teeth and support dental bridges, as well as to replace a missing tooth or teeth. And, they can also be attached to dental implants or utilized for restoration after a dental root canal. Overall, dental crowns are a big part of restorative dentistry.

How are Dental Crowns Made?

Dental crowns can be created from a variety of different materials, like resin, porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and metal alloys. The material that you and your dentist choose is based on facts like the location of your tooth, how much of your natural tooth is remaining, and of course just how visible the crown is when you smile. Durability and strength are also considered, of course. 

CEREC 1-day Crowns

At Suwanee Family Dentistry, we use modern CAD/CAM technology to create high quality, natural-looking porcelain crowns in just a single visit for our patients. So, instead of waiting to receive porcelain crowns crafted from a dental lab, which was the typical way to create a crown in the past, our durable, attractive single day porcelain crowns can be designed and placed easily and efficiently in just one visit to our office. The process will take approximately two hours, without using a lab or necessitating the use of a temporary crown. Our single day crowns are a terrific choice for most patients, affordable and strong. The quick placement and accuracy they provide also eliminate any need for a temporary restoration, making these crowns also better for your dental health!

Other Crown Types

We also offer other materials for crown construction. These include: 

Traditional Porcelain Crowns

Like our CEREC crowns, traditional porcelain crowns are crafted to match the color of your natural teeth. They are made in a dental lab by a technician, and offer a natural, attractive appearance. 

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

This type of crown is also made from porcelain, matched to your natural teeth for appearance. Beneath the porcelain, there is underlying metal that makes these types of crowns extremely long-lasting and are most often used when the strongest type of restoration is necessary.

Gold Alloy Crowns

Most often used with back teeth, durable gold crowns may be used when more strength is required, such as for patients who grind their teeth at night.

Base Metal Alloy Crowns 

Strong and corrosion-resistant metal alloy crowns are often used when there is less existing tooth structure available to support your crown restoration.

Choosing any of these types of crowns, rather than a one-day crown, will take two visits rather than a single appointment. 

The tooth will be prepped, with any decayed areas removed. An impression of the prepped tooth will be made so that the final crown will fit properly when it is placed.

A temporary crown will be placed while your final restoration is being created. 

Whether you choose a single-day crown or another type of crown, crowns often last a lifetime with proper care and oral hygiene, such as regular dental visits for cleaning and examination and daily brushing and flossing at home.

Are You Ready to Learn More About Dental Crowns?

If you need a crown, Suwanee Family Dentistry is here to help. We’re experts in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques, including creating CEREC Single Day crowns. 

So, when you’re ready to schedule a visit or simply learn more about crowns, give us a call. We’re ready to make sure your smile looks great and stays healthy.