Sedation Dentistry in Suwanee

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Suwanee Family Dentistry provides sedation dentistry in Suwanee, Georgia. Call 678-714-2380 or contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the use of medically induced relaxation techniques during dental procedures. Sedation options may include nitrous oxide and oral sedatives.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry provides many benefits: 

  • Calms anxiety. For patients with dental anxiety, sedation can make it easier to get the dental care you need. 
  • Reduces stress. Being anxious or nervous puts a lot of stress on a patient. Sedation reduces stress and its negative effects on the body and mind. 
  • Makes procedures seem shorter. While under sedation time seems to pass more quickly and you are less aware of your surroundings. This can help dental procedures seem shorter. 
  • Reduces the amount of local anesthetic needed. While under sedation you may not need as much local anesthetic to feel comfortable, which means the numbness will be concentrated to a smaller area and wear off more quickly. 
  • Helps children who are fearful or have special needs. Sedation can be a helpful tool for children who are fearful or who have special needs that make it extremely difficult to sit in the dental chair. 

Types of Sedation We Offer

We offer the following types of sedation in our office: 

  • Nitrous oxide. You breathe nitrous oxide through a mask worn over your nose. It provides a calming sensation that is sometimes described as euphoric. Your arms and legs may feel heavy and your fingers and toes may tingle. It wears off quickly as the nitrous oxide is removed and you start breathing room air. Most patients can resume their normal daily activities immediately following nitrous oxide sedation, even driving. 
  • Conscious oral sedation. We can prescribe an oral sedative in either pill or liquid form that should be taken prior to arriving at your appointment. It will help you feel relaxed and possibly sleepy, but you’ll remain conscious. You will need someone you trust to drive you to and from your appointment as the sedative will take effect before you arrive and will take a few hours to wear off after your procedure. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

If you are anxious or nervous about a dental procedure, you may be a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Children who are fearful or have a difficult time sitting still in the dental chair for long periods of time may also benefit from relaxation assistance. Sedation may also be recommended in the case of a particularly complex or invasive procedure. A full medical history will be required before sedation can be administered to ensure it is safe for you.

Why Choose Suwanee Family Dentistry?

At Suwanee Family Dentistry it is our goal to help you feel comfortable when you are in our office. We provide sedation dentistry to help patients feel relaxed who would otherwise feel anxious. As a family practice, we welcome patients of all ages, making it possible for the whole family to receive dental care at one convenient location. Suwanee Family Dentistry treats your family like family, providing the highest quality dental care in a compassionate and friendly environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sedation Dentistry

Is nitrous oxide safe for children?

Nitrous oxide is one of the safest forms of sedation available. It takes effect in just a few seconds, has minimal side effects, and wears off almost immediately upon breathing regular room air. In the case of respiratory issues, such as asthma, prior approval from your primary care physician may be necessary.

Does sedation mean you are unconscious?

The two forms of sedation we provide, nitrous oxide and oral sedatives, do not render you unconscious. You may feel sleepy and not remember your procedure, but you will be awake and responsive the entire time.

Is sedation safe for older adults?

When it comes to older adults with cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, sedation may cause some confusion. It is best to check with your primary care physician before elderly patients undergo sedation.

Is sedation dentistry covered by insurance?

In most cases sedation dentistry is not covered by insurance. It is not considered to be medically necessary, so it comes at an additional charge. However, do not let the cost deter you if sedation would significantly improve your experience or that of your child. Payment options are available to make the cost more affordable.

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