Dr. James Abbott

Dr Abbott Bio Photo

Dr. Abbott was born and raised in Marietta, GA. He went to The University of Alabama where he received a Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Business Administration in 2016. Before starting dental school, he lived in Atlanta, GA for a year where he worked with an oral surgeon as his personal assistant. In 2017, he moved to Augusta, GA to attend the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University where he received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree.

Dr. Abbott has been working in a dental practice since his young teens with his mother and father in the Atlanta area. He has great understanding and respect for dentistry as a whole and makes it his goal to keep patients feeling as comfortable as possible in his chair. His service to the dental community has included serving local dental patients in need and annual trips to Haiti to serve and educate orphan children.

In his free time, Dr. Abbott is enthusiastic about skiing, biking, spending time with friends and family, traveling and hiking.